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We have determined the molecular basis and frequency of alpha-thalassaemia in Nigeria. The alpha-thalassaemia determinant in this population is caused by only one type of single alpha globin gene deletion (-alpha 3.7). Comparison of the haematological features of those patients who have sickle-cell disease with (-alpha/alpha alpha, -alpha/-alpha) or without (alpha alpha/alpha alpha) alpha-thalassaemia showed similar trends to those reported in Jamaican and U.S. patients with these interactions. However, in contrast to studies in some other African populations we have shown that the frequency of alpha-thalassaemia in Nigeria is the same (0.24) in patients with or without homozygous sickle-cell disease (AA, AS and AC genotypes).

Original publication




Journal article


European journal of haematology

Publication Date





370 - 375


Humans, Anemia, Sickle Cell, Thalassemia, Chromosome Deletion, Globins, Erythrocyte Indices, Genetics, Population, Genotype, Adolescent, Adult, Child, Nigeria, Female, Male