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OBJECTIVE: Glanular urethral/meatal stricture is associated with severe narrowing of the urethral lumen and treatment is sometimes associated with recurrence. We describe our technique and results of double buccal mucosa graft placement for the treatment of these strictures. METHODS: After penile degloving, the strictured urethra was opened ventrally and glanular wings were raised. A dorsal urethrotomy incision then creates a dorsal bed where an appropriately sized buccal mucosal graft was stitched. In the glanular portion, a ventral graft was also placed, which is secured ventrally by the glans wings created before. Thus the glans wings provide a vascular bed to the ventral graft. RESULTS: Ten adult patients were treated with this technique. The stricture etiologies were lichen sclerosus (n = 7) and post-catheterization (n = 3). At mean follow-up duration of 13.5 months, all patients had a satisfactory clinical outcome as assessed by symptoms and uroflow results with acceptable cosmetic outcome. CONCLUSIONS: Our double graft technique for treatment of meatal/glanular strictures has shown promise and can be a treatment option for such strictures in adults.

Original publication




Journal article


Int Urol Nephrol

Publication Date





885 - 887


Adolescent, Adult, Graft Survival, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Mouth Mucosa, Postoperative Care, Reconstructive Surgical Procedures, Recovery of Function, Risk Assessment, Sampling Studies, Severity of Illness Index, Treatment Outcome, Urethral Stricture, Urinary Catheterization, Urination, Urologic Surgical Procedures, Male, Young Adult