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Aims: Ankle arthropathy commonly affects persons with haemophilia (PWH). Joint damage causes loss of movement, pain and reduced function. Current treatments are limited. Viscosupplementation has been used to treat other patient groups with joint damage. Viscosupplements serve to augment or act as a substitute for synovial fluid and may ameliorate the effects of cartilage loss by cushioning joints and reducing pain. This study evaluated intra-articular Ostenil Plus™ (HA) for ankle arthropathy in PWH. Reduction in pain was the primary outcome. Methods: A single centre open label pilot study. PWH and significant ankle arthropathy, according to MRI scores, were recruited. Participants received intra-articular HA injections at baseline and 6 months. Follow up assessments were completed three-monthly for 1 year. Pain was assessed by the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). Participant perceptions of overall changes to pain, function and quality of life were sought. Results: Twenty-four participants were recruited, three withdrew. Twenty-six joints were injected. Twenty participants had severe haemophilia. Mean age 35 years. Participants reported significant reduction in pain over the study. VAS baseline: 5.62; 6 month 3.92; 12-month 3.42, P 

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