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UNLABELLED: PROBLEM/PURPOSE: To establish the evidence on which to base a protocol for monitoring capillary blood glucose in hospitalized patients with diabetes mellitus in the immediate post-acute hemodialysis period. SAMPLE: Hospitalized, non-critically ill, adult patients (n = 68) with diabetes undergoing acute hemodialysis treatments. METHODS: Capillary blood glucose was tested 30 minutes prior to the end of the hemodialysis treatment, at the end of the treatment, and 30 minutes and 60 minutes post-treatment. Data were analyzed to determine both within and between patient variability. RESULTS: Glucose levels varied widely before, during, and after hemodialysis, with greatest variability at 60 minutes post-hemodialysis. Levels did not vary based on diabetes type or admitting diagnosis. Possible relationships were identified with length of treatment, insulin administration prior to treatment, and food consumed within an hour after treatment. CONCLUSIONS/NURSING IMPLICATIONS: Testing post-dialysis glucose levels earlier than 60 minutes post-treatment may miss the need for additional medication.


Journal article


Nephrol Nurs J

Publication Date





499 - 505


Blood Glucose, Diabetes Mellitus, Education, Nursing, Continuing, Female, Humans, Inpatients, Kidney Failure, Chronic, Male, Renal Dialysis