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The relationship between hepatic arterial albumin microsphere distribution and hepatic arterial blood flow and the effects of regional angiotensin II were studied in a rat liver metastases model. Hooded-Lister rats were inoculated subcapsularly with 2 x 10(6) HSN sarcoma cells. At 20 days, hepatic arterial blood flow was measured using the reference microsphere technique. Animals then randomly received 50 microliters hepatic arterial saline or albumin microspheres (40 microns, 20 mg ml-1). Hepatic arterial blood flow measurements were then repeated at 5 min. After 5 min, animals were killed and tissues were weighed and counted in a gamma well counter. There were no significant differences between the hepatic blood flow measurements recorded before and after the control hepatic arterial saline infusion. However, regional albumin microspheres produced a significant reduction in tumour and normal liver blood flow and an 80% reduction in mean T/N blood flow ratio. Regional albumin microspheres were delivered to tumour in greater proportions (mean T/N ratio 3.89, SE 0.49) than would be expected from baseline hepatic arterial blood flow (mean T/N ratio 1.28, SE 0.22. P = 0.006). There was no correlation between T/N for baseline blood flow and albumin microsphere distribution.

Original publication




Journal article


Br J Cancer

Publication Date





287 - 289


Animals, Cobalt Radioisotopes, Gadolinium, Hepatic Artery, Liver Circulation, Liver Neoplasms, Male, Microspheres, Muscle, Smooth, Vascular, Radioisotopes, Rats, Rats, Inbred Strains, Regional Blood Flow, Sarcoma, Experimental, Serum Albumin