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We have investigated the effect of transfection with the oncogenes c-myc and H-ras on cellular radiosensitivity. We obtained a mink lung epithelial line, Mv1Lu (ATCC CCL-64), and two sublines which had been transformed by transfection with c-myc and mutated (T24) H-ras 1. The cell survival parameters do not differ significantly between the three lines. These parameters were, for the parent line: D0 = 1.95 Gy, n = 2.0; for the c-myc transfected line: D0 = 2.10 Gy, n = 2.33; and for the H-ras transfected line: D0 = 2.40 Gy, n = 1.77. Although the terminal slope of the survival curve of the cells of the parent line is slightly steeper than that for the cells of either of the transfected lines, the differences are not significant. Nor is there any difference between the cell lines at the clinically relevant dose of 2 Gy. We conclude that neither activated H-ras nor c-myc oncogenes alter the radiosensitivity of the Mv1Lu line.


Journal article


Radiat Res

Publication Date





113 - 116


Animals, Cell Line, Cell Survival, Clone Cells, Epithelial Cells, Epithelium, Genes, myc, Genes, ras, Mink, Radiation Tolerance, Transfection