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BACKGROUND: AABB Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services require accredited institutions to have a policy for handling requests for blood components on patients clinically identified as being at high risk for transfusion-associated circulatory overload (TACO; Standard 5.19.7, 31st edition). This survey elucidated how AABB accredited hospital transfusion services/blood banks around the world are complying with this Standard. METHODS: A link to a Web-based survey in English was e-mailed under the auspice of the AABB to each AABB accredited hospital transfusion service/blood bank (n = 851) asking for details on how their institution is complying with this Standard and for general information on any TACO risk mitigation strategies in place. RESULTS: Of the 290 responses received (34% response rate), 282 met the criteria for analysis. There were 174 of 282 (62%) respondents who indicated that their institution has a formal policy for complying with the Standard, and 108 of 282 (38%) who indicated that their institution does not have a formal policy. A diverse range of policies and practices were in place at the institutions with and without a formal policy ranging from writing advice/recommendations in the charts of patients at increased risk of TACO, promulgating policies from the transfusion service/blood bank or institution itself that would reduce the risk, or using decision support tools to provide education about reducing the risk of TACO. CONCLUSIONS: Many but not all AABB accredited institutions have policies to comply with the TACO risk mitigation Standard. However, the vast majority conduct activities that could mitigate risk for TACO.

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2833 - 2839


Blood Banks, Blood Safety, Blood Transfusion, Canada, Colombia, Guideline Adherence, Hospitals, Humans, Italy, Organizational Policy, Pakistan, Risk Management, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Societies, Medical, Transfusion Reaction, United States