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Loeys-Dietz syndrome is a recently described condition which causes cardiovascular, craniofacial, neurocognitive and skeletal abnormalities due to mutations in components of the transforming growth factor-β signalling pathway. Associated vascular abnormalities include vessel tortuosity and an increased incidence of vascular dissection. Pregnancy increases the risk of aortic dissection compared to non-pregnant individuals and an underlying condition such as Loeys-Dietz syndrome increases this further. While aortic dissection is well described in pregnancy in Loeys-Dietz syndrome, some women can have uncomplicated deliveries, particularly when the risks of the condition are actively managed. Such pregnancies should be considered high-risk, and women should be counselled and managed accordingly. Here we describe two pregnancies in one woman, both with successful outcomes, followed by a summary of the key management principles.

Original publication




Journal article


Obstet Med

Publication Date





42 - 45


Loeys–Dietz syndrome, aortic dissection