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Alison Kay

Genetic Counsellor/Postdoctoral Researcher


I am a researcher on the PREGCARE project (Goriely Group) investigating precision genetic counselling and reproduction. My initial responsibilities as a researcher on this project include carrying out qualitative research exploring the experiences of healthcare professionals in providing recurrence risk information to couples following the birth of a child with a genetic disorder caused by an apparently de novo genetic variant. Further research is planned on the experience of families.

Additionally, I recently completed a postgraduate research project on adoptees' and foundlings' perceptions and experiences with ancestry DNA as part of my 3-year training in genetic counselling in the School of Medicine, Cardiff University. I am preparing this for publication with my supervisor for that project, Dr. Nicki Taverner.

I originally trained as a historian. I am a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and hold a doctorate in history (Nuffield College, Oxford). I retain an interest in the history of medicine, family history (including DNA genealogy) and the role of DNA in people's sense of self, inheritance and heritage.

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