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Adam L & Adam M.PNG

Dr Adam Lewandowski and Professor Adam Mead  are this year’s winners.

Under normal circumstances we would be announcing the winners of the RDM Excellent Supervision Awards at the RDM Symposium but we are very pleased to be able to announce here that the winners for 2020 are Adam Lewandowksi and Adam Mead.

Both were nominated by an impressive number of people from graduate students to research assistants, postdoctoral researchers, clinician scientists, research fellows and consultants. All were unanimous in their praise of both supervisors for their mentorship and pastoral care, the time they devote to their students and lab in general, their leadership and their passion for their science.

These are just a few of the comments made about Professor Adam Mead by his team:

He strikes a good balance between providing oversight while also leaving me free to self-direct the next experiment and plan the details

He dedicates most of his time to students and their data, despite his ever-increasingly busy schedule.

Every time he finds me in the corridor, he makes sure to remind me how excited he is about our latest result. His passion is what made me join his lab in the first place

Adam has been an outstanding mentor. His support has been really transformational for my career, particularly at the key transition to independence and beyond

Dr Adam Lewandowski’s lab were equally effusive in their commendations:

Whilst we are all different, and come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, Adam appreciates our individual differences and is very sensitive to our needs, all while encouraging us all along our own individual pathways. He takes an interest in each and every one of his students and team members, and is always there to listen and support.

Adam has motivated me to be a greater scientist with his enthusiasm, critical thinking skills, determination, and broad scientific outlook.

Adam always provided a superior model of integrity, rigor and discipline in critical thinking, study design, and analysis. Equally important, he also has the vibrant scientific curiosity and creativity that is needed to consider new and interesting questions and how to best investigate them.

Many congratulations to both our winners!



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