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Professor David Jackson has been awarded the Rooster Prize by the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences (ISHAS) and the Gasparo Aselli Medal by the International Society of Lymphology (ISL).

This year, Professor David Jackson was presented with two lifetime achievement awards.

In June, he was awarded the Rooster Prize by the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences (ISHAS) at their biennial conference in Portland for his work on the structure and function of hyaluronan receptors. The Rooster Prize was established in 2003 and honours those who have made a significant contribution to the hyaluronan field in applied, basic or clinical sciences. It was called the Rooster Prize because, at that time, extremely pure hyaluronan molecules with very high average molecular weight for therapeutic use could be prepared only from rooster combs.

Rooster Prize.jpg


In September, he was also presented with the Gasparo Aselli Medal by the International Society of Lymphology (ISL) at the 29th World Congress in Genoa for major contributions to the field of Lymphatics in Immunity and Cancer.

Professor Jackson said: “I’m delighted to have received these two prestigious awards and look forward to continuing my fundamental research into the mechanisms of immune and tumour cell trafficking in the lymphatics with the support of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, the UK Research Councils and my many excellent collaborators.”

Many congratulations to Professor Jackson!