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Composite image showing man in white shirt on left, woman in dress and cardigan on right

Dr Ross Chapman, an Associate Professor and group leader of the Recombination mechanisms in immunity and cancer group at the MRC Molecular Haematology Unit has been awarded a Senior Cancer Research Fellowship of £2.1m by Cancer Research UK. The 6-year project will support research exploring mechanisms underpinning distinct manifestations of Homologous Recombination deficiency in cancer.

Dr Sarah Gooding, a Clinician Scientist in the Chapman Group has also been awarded a Clinician Scientist Fellowship of ~£1.2m by Cancer Research UK for a 5-year project to research exploiting recurrent chromosome copy number alteration (CNA)-driven defects in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma.

‘I am delighted and very excited to have been awarded a 5 year CRUK Clinician Scientist Fellowship; says Dr Gooding. 'Multiple Myeloma is bone marrow cancer which sadly remains incurable. Building on my previous work showing how myeloma genetic changes can affect drug treatment outcomes, this award will support me in investigating how we can implement genetics-guided treatment of high-risk and drug-resistant myeloma to improve patient outcomes, and how we might therapeutically exploit some of the vulnerabilities that are specific to high-risk myelomas. Thank you CRUK.’

Many congratulations to Professor Chapman and Dr Gooding on their awards.