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Our cardiovascular medicine research nurse team and their colleagues (pictured, from left to right: Mrs Marion Galley, Dr Zakariye Ashkir, Dr Azlan Abd Samat, Mrs Myra Brigoli, Ms Patricia Gunawan and Ms Najmeh Zare) joined researchers from across Oxford at the NIHR Oxford and Oxford Health BRCs Joint Open Day on 5th July 2022. 

The event took place at the Oxford Town Hall, allowing people from Oxford to find out more about cutting-edge research in Oxford, how it benefits patients and getting involved in clinical trials. 

Cardiovascular medicine research nurse Myra Brigoli said  "It was really great to talk directly to members of the public about our work, and to be in the Oxford Town Hall’. 

The team took along a whole set of hands-on activities for members of the public to try, including models of the heart and medical devices such as cardiac stents used in a cath lab, an interactive lab allowing viewers to zoom in and view the heart from different angles, a 'guess the fruit' game where viewers attempted to decode MRI images of fruit, and a 'hook the duck' game to give the public a flavor of what its like to put in a cardiac stent and remove a blood clots. 

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