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The first patient reviews of AMIICs facilities and services give the facility a full five stars for satisfaction, 74 patients rated the AMIIC in March 2023, providing answers to six questions:

Table showing ratings: Q1. The patient waiting aras and clinical rooms were clean and tidy, average rating 4.97; Q2 I was satisfied with the information I received at the appointment, average rating 4.99; Q3 I felt i was treated with dignity and respect by the team looking after me today, average rating 5.00; Q4 Any issues or concerns that I had were dealt with appropriately by the staff, average rating 4.99; Q5 The facility was well equipped and maintained, average rating 5.00; Q6 Overall, I am satisfied with my experience in AMIIC today, average rating 5.00Comments from patients included:

“Bruno, Jon and Caroline were amazing. Very helpful and reassuring. Thank you”

 “The staff were all brilliant and kind and put me at ease. 100/100”

 “Staff very professional and very kind”

 “All staff introduced themselves. I was treated with respect and often asked if I had any questions. Everything was explained clearly. All was very efficient, professional, and friendly. Thank you”

 “The AMIIC staff were extremely friendly professional. THE BEST!!”

 “Above and beyond service”

 “I can honestly say from the moment I arrived I was welcomed with a smile and felt at ease. I was quite nervous when I arrived but the staff I have engaged with today have been amazing! Very informative, helpful, and extremely happy. You can see the enjoyment and care they have for their jobs. The service was impeccable and I’m very grateful for the treatment I received. Thank you”

 “Put me at ease and made the experience comfortable. Lovely staff. Thank you”


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