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We are delighted to announce that the title of Associate Professor has been conferred on 24 PIs in RDM: Charis Antoniades (CVM), Richard Barker (IMD), Angie Bethel (OCDEM), Veronica Buckle (WIMM/NDCLS), Marella de Bruijn (WIMM/NDCLS), Hal Drakesmith (WIMM/IMD), Christian Eggeling (WIMM/IMD), Tudor Fulga (WIMM/NDCLS), Deborah Gill (NDCLS), Anna Gloyn (OCDEM), Leanne Hodson (OCDEM), Jim Hughes (WIMM), James Kennedy (IMD), Craig Lygate (CVM), Adam Mead (WIMM/NDCLS), Tom Milne (WIMM/NDCLS), Katherine Owens (OCDEM), Catherine Porcher (WIMM/NDCLS), Kazem Rahimi (CVM), Charles Redwood (CVM), Jan Rehwinkel (WIMM/IMD), Matt Robson (CVM), Tatjana Sauka-Spengler (WIMM/NDCLS), & Jurgen Schneider (CVM). Following the re-naming of the main University Lecturer grade as Associate Professor, the title of Associate Professor was conferred on certain members of staff automatically, in line with their existing posts or titles. In addition, the Medical Sciences Division conferred the title on other members of staff who met specified criteria.