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  • Gloyn Group: Functional Genomics of Type 2 diabetes

    Our mission is to improve understanding of pancreatic islet cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetes using human genetics as a tool to uncover causal disease mechanisms and shed light on potential targets for therapeutic development.

  • Holman Group: Diabetes Trials Unit

    The Diabetes Trials Unit (DTU) is a fully registered UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit, specialising in performing national and multinational clinical trials related to diabetes.

  • Karpe, Hodson and Christodoulides Group: Metabolic Research Group

    We apply an integrated approach to human metabolic disease which involves genetic, genomic, cell biology and whole body metabolic studies to understand the pathogenesis of the complications of obesity such as fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  • McCarthy Group: Type 2 Diabetes Genetics and Genomics

    We aim to understand why some people are more likely than others to develop type 2 diabetes and related conditions such as obesity. We combine genetic, molecular and clinical data to find clues to disease mechanisms that will lead to more effective strategies for prevention and treatment.

  • Rorsman Group

    We study cellular physiology of pancreatic islets – the small organs that regulate the whole-body sugar levels. Our work will help to find new treatments for diabetes – a disease that is characterised by uncontrolled blood sugar.

  • Thakker Group: Academic Endocrine Unit

    We investigate the genetic, molecular and physiological basis of endocrine disorders that affect calcium homeostasis, and endocrine tumour development. By identifying and understanding the underlying mechanisms, we aim to establish better diagnostic methods and develop novel targeted therapies for these disorders to improve patient care.

  • Tomlinson Group: Metabolism and Steroid Hormone Biology

    We work to understand how hormones regulate metabolic health in liver, fat and skeletal muscle. Our research has helped to define the role of ‘pre-receptor’ hormone metabolism in the pathogenesis of metabolic disease and has contributed to the development of novel interventions with the ultimate aim of improving patient care.

  • Ray Group

    We work on circadian rhythms, and nuclear receptors applied to both inflammation and energy metabolism. Our models range from cells to human populations.