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Zoe Christodoulou

DPhil (Oxon), BSc (Hons)

Laboratory Manager

I have been the laboratory manager for the molecular parasitology group since 2014, and have both laboratory manager and research roles. As laboratory manager I am responsible for ordering supplies and equipment, arranging repairs and servicing of equipment, staff training, and ensuring compliance with health and safety matters.

I joined the molecular parasitology group in 1994 as a research assistant. During this time I worked as a molecular biologist investigating the multicopy var gene family which has a major role in antigenic variation in the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Whilst working in the lab, I completed a DPhil, investigating the role of non-coding RNA on var genes. The current focus of my research is to express and purify proteins from members of the rifin gene family of P. falciparum.

I am a member of the WIMM health and safety committee, and a member of the RDM Athena Swan committee.