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My research into cholangiocarcinoma is generously funded by the Alan Morement Memorial Fund (AMMF) – UK's only cholangiocarcinoma fund. Founded in 2002, AMMF provides information and support to those in need, raises awareness and supports research into better diagnostic techniques and treatments of cholangiocarcinoma. Read more about AMMF at

Zaki Krag Nielsen

DPhil student

I am a DPhil student with Dr. Shijie Cai and Professor David Kerr investigating how the metabolism of cholangiocarcinoma is changed in order to fuel malignant growth and invasion. I will investigate genetic alterations, reflected in aberrant protein expression and metabolic activity, in order to discover novel therapeutic targets.

Cholangiocarcinoma is rare, but also very difficult to diagnose early on. Often, cholangiocarcinoma is only diagnosed once the disease has metastasised giving the patient a poor survival prognosis. The majority of cholangiocarcinoma cases are inoperable and resistant to conventional therapy. The aim of my work is to elucidate new molecular mechanism responsible for development and metastasis of cholangiocarcinoma. The project is funded by The Alan Morement Memorial Fund – The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity.

I hold a BSc and MSc in chemistry from the University of Copenhagen. After graduation, I worked in industry for a few years before returning to Imperial College London to do a MRes in biomedical research. At Imperial College London I specialized in metabolomics applied to cardiovascular diseases.

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