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Sven Jaeschke


DPhil Student

I am a postgraduate student and a Clarendon scholar within the interdisciplinary Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Oxford. I work under the supervison of Aaron Hess and Matthew Robson in the Oxford Centre for Magnetic Resonance (OCMR). My research project aims to develop new methods for cardiac gating and motion tracking at ultra-high field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (7T MRI) using only power reflections of the transceiver MRI coils. The current gold standard for cardiac gating, the electrocardiogram (ECG), can be affected by the high magnetic field strength in 7 Tesla MRI, resulting in missed or false trigger results that can increase scan time or significantly degrade image quality. I am hoping that with a new method that is more robust and easy to use, we will improve and enable cardiac MRI in a broader spectrum of patients.