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Shazia Irshad

Senior Scientist and Supervisor

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a major cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide. The high death rates in CRC as well as other solid tumours are mainly due to metastatic dissemination of cancer cells to distant organ sites. It is estimated that 50%–60% of patients diagnosed with CRC will develop metastasis. Metastasis is a complex multistep process that requires cells from the primary tumour to exhibit remarkable phenotypic plasticity at distant metastatic microenvironments for successful outgrowth. The understanding of underlying biological mechanisms involved in this metastatic transition is essential to identify critical nodes for clinical intervention to halt the disease in its progression. I am interested in investigating how the metastatic niche influences secondary tumor outgrowth by inducing cancer-promoting functions, such as proliferation, ECM remodeling, migration, invasion and angiogenesis.