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Philippa Major

BSc (Hons), MPhil, MBA

Research Facilitator: Oxford BHF Centre of Research Excellence

I am responsible for the day to day management of the Oxford BHF Centre of Research Excellence (Oxford BHF CRE), working closely with the centre director and the executive and steering committees.   I am the main point of contact for enquiries about the BHF CRE for Oxford colleagues, for the BHF and for external enquiries.  My role includes liaising with all the Principal Investigators and their research groups in departments across the Divisions of Medical Sciences and MPLS, facilitating Steering Committee meetings, running calls for applications, organising Principal Investigator evening meetings and the annual BHF CRE Symposium and managing the budgets and reporting requirements to the BHF. I joined the University of Oxford in 2009, initially working in the Department of Primary Care and then as research facilitator in the Department of Chemistry for 5 years.  I joined the BHF CRE in October 2014.

About the Oxford BHF Centre of Research Excellence: The Oxford BHF CRE brings together a vast range of cardiovascular research across the University of Oxford and is underpinned by an award from the BHF of £6million over 5 years from April 2014 to March 2019.  The Oxford BHF CRE was initiated in April 2008 with an award of £8.4million from the BHF. The Centre aims to use this flexible funding strategically to enhance the whole programme of cardiovascular research in Oxford.  The CRE budget is allocated across the main categories of Training, Pump Priming and Infrastructure, with targeted funding streams within the main budget categories.   

For any further information about the Oxford BHF CRE please don't hesitate to contact me on Oxford Cardiovascular Science Website BHF CRE

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