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Mirian Angulo Salazar

BSc, MSc

Biomarker Specialist

I studied Biological Sciences at the University of Salamanca, Spain followed by a Master’s Degree Course in Microbiology at the Institute of Science and Technology of Barcelona, Spain.

I joined the Therapy Acceleration Lab in 2022 after initially working in the Vyas Group, part of the Molecular Haematology Unit at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine since 2019.

My work as a Biomarker Specialist focuses on the processing, storage and analysis of patient samples collected from clinical trials and research projects in Haematology, including myeloid malignancies, lymphoproliferative disorders and myeloma & plasma cell dyscrasias. The main areas of my work include biobanking of samples, analysis of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) using flow cytometry and molecular testing of samples at diagnosis and throughout treatment. My role as a Biomarker Specialist plays a crucial part in supporting scientific research to gain a better understanding of the biology of blood cancers and ultimately, contributes to the improvement of patient outcomes by means of better use of existing treatments and the discovery of novel therapies.