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Megan Teh


DPhil Student

Iron is utilised by almost all known life forms and plays a profound role in diverse cellular pathways.  Recent work from the Drakesmith lab demonstrated that iron is critical for the induction of productive adaptive immune responses.  However, the biochemical effects of iron deficiency on T-cells remains poorly understood.  My interests lie in identifying and characterising the iron requiring processes most critical for effective T-cell function using a combination of in vitro T-cell models and bioinformatic methods. 

I received my BSc from McGill University in 2019 with first class Honours in Microbiology and Immunology and had the privilege of working with Professor Danielle Malo on host Salmonella susceptibility genetics.  Prior to that I studied winter tick in moose and caribou with Professor Susan Kutz at the University of Calgary. 

My DPhil is generously funded via the Clarendon fund. 

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