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Dimitra Krexi

DPhil Student

Upon successfully completing my Core Medical Training at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, I attended a face-to-face cardiology interview for the south west regional cluster in England, achieving overall rank 1 (Interview Score 90.7 out of 100) and I got a post on the Thames Valley Deanery cardiology training rotation with a cardiology national training number and am fully committed to a career in clinical academic cardiology.

Having successfully completed two years of my Cardiology Core Training, I have taken time out of my training programme to pursue a DPhil in Medical Sciences - Radcliffe Department of Medicine under the supervision of Professor Svetlana Reilly and Professor Charles Redwood.

My research project focusses on exploring new (bio)markers and their signalling pathways atrial fibrillation in patients with different types of disease (post-operative, paroxysmal, and persistent). Most of my work will be carried out in human clinical samples (bloods and cardiac tissue biopsies/cells) that is in line with my clinical training and understanding of the clinical phenotype of this disease, which builds upon previous research completed by my Supervisors.

To date, I have studied and earned two University degrees:

•             MSc degree, University of Edinburgh.

•             Primary medical qualification (MBBS), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.