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Clara Eléonore Pavillet

BSc (Hons), MSc

DPhil Student

I am a DPhil student at the MRC WIMM Centre for Computational Biology, working under the supervision of Prof. Tudor Fulga and Prof. Francesca Buffa in genetic engineering and computational statistics. I am fully funded by the Wellcome Trust Award.

I grew up in Europe, South America and North America, making me fluent in French, Spanish and English. After graduating with first-class honours from University of Toronto, I pursued graduate studies at University of Oxford, where I combined my passion for programming and medicine in a master's thesis supervised by Prof. Francesca Buffa. I modelled gene networks involved in cancer progression and created a software plugin to automate the simulation of deposited models from online databases. Thereafter, I developed a deep interest in Machine Learning during my time with Prof. Ilan Davis, working in image analysis in collaboration with Prof. Ruth Baker and Prof. Andrew Zisserman. Today I merge my wide range of interests in computing, machine learning, mathematics and medicine to solve challenges in biotechnology.

Interestingly, my studies have been driven by my fascination and passion for viruses, both computer viruses and biological viruses! I have always been amazed by the concept of manipulating sequences/characters to disguise or uncover messages, or to provide sets of instructions, be it genetic code or computer code.