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Agnieszka (Aggy) Plachecka

BA (Hons)

Research Facility Operations Coordinator

I am based in the Clinical Cardiovascular Research Facility (CCRF). I have worked as Research Facility Operations Coordinator since April 2019.

I look after the function and maintenance of CCRF patient scheduling system - setting up new studies, providing user access rights and training to the investigators and research teams, liaising with the service team and troubleshooting.

I generate quarterly financial statements of activities for the facility.

I act as a contact for visitors and patients, oversee ordering of equipment and services, obtain the quotes and maintenance contracts, liaise with the international couriers.

I organize CCRF Research Seminars and Management Team and PSC meetings – running, meeting minutes, action points, refreshments.

I conduct non-clinical CCRF Inductions and assist CCRF Management with the clinical ones.

I manage Oxford CCRF email account and blood sample storage database.

I support CCRF research fellows with their data input and admin of their studies and provide Database support – solving queries.

I supervise VIP visits preparation - logistics, info, visiting students work experience.

I liaise with Cardiovascular Research Nurses Team and Research Fellows to ensure that any issues are dealt with appropriately and in timely manner also any findings are highlighted to them.

I design/create and implement brand new study materials; I actively maintain them. This includes Case Report Forms, labels, worksheets, logos, leaflets, booklets, posters also organize/improve the office area.