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If a fire alarm sounds between the hours of 17:30 and 07:30

assemble in the front lobby of OCDCEM, the area where the fire panel is located, and check the panel to find out the location of the fire. If a fire is discovered by staff then immediately call the main reception on 4444, report the location of the fire and request the fire service are called.

As long as the source of the alarm is at least 2 fire doors away from the lobby you may stay in that area, as opposed to the usual assembly point in Car Park 3, until the all-clear is given.

If the alarm is silenced and no-one appears to inform you that it is safe to re-enter, wait for 15 minutes and then return to your work place.

If there is a fire marshall on site, obey their instructions.

The fire responders may have de-activated the fire alarm from the second fire panel at the end of the ground floor corridor in phase 2, however, if the fire alarm is still sounding after 15-20 minutes then contact the main reception on 4444 (as long as it is safe to reach a telephone) and report that the alarms are sounding and that a fire responder has not arrived on site.

Outside these hours the assembly point remains as Car Park 3 and no-one is to re-enter the building until told to do so by a fire marshall.

If the weather is inclement the fire marshals have authority to re-assign the assembly point, using the main corridor for example, sufficiently fire away from any potential location of a fire in the main building.