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In order to comply with University Policy S8/09 it is a mandatory requirement for Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments to be completed by all users of DSE, which will include virtually every member of staff, student or visitor within the building.

The University has a web based programme which can be accessed (by using the Webauth Single Sign-on user name/password) to undertake the training required prior to completing a DSE Assessment, to view the recommendations for laptop use and to carry out an on-line DSE Assessment.

If you have any queries regarding DSE Assessments please contact either the Departmental DSE Co-ordinator or the relevant group DSE Assessor.

DSE Eye and Eyesight testing

The Department has a responsibility to arrange eye/eyesight testing for display screen equipment users when requested and to meet the cost of the test and reasonable costs of any corrective spectacles recommended by a University approved optician for DSE use.

Read more about staff eye and eyesight testing .

DSE Coordinator

Supprina Thebe:

DSE Assessors

Charlotte Pink:

Noelia Martinez Sanchez:

Katrina Viloria: