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EXTERNAL FUNDING AWARDS TO MRC WIMM, NDCLS (including MRC Molecular Haematology Unit)

    • Professor KJ Patel – MRC QQR Award to the MRC MHU
    • Professor Jim Hughes and Associate Professor James Davies – Wellcome Discovery Award Title: Decoding human non-coding disease genetics en masse using Micro Capture-C and Deep Neural Network Machine learning
    • Professor Douglas Higgs – MRC MCMB Research grant Title: The regulation of transcriptional bursting by superenhancers
    • Dr Jana Koth (Facility Manager for the WIMM Imaging committee)– MRC Mid-range Equipment grant For:  Microscope LSM 980 KMAT
    • Professor Ross Chapman – Breast Cancer Now Title: Exploiting mechanisms of centrosome dysfunction in the treatment of 17q23-amplified breast cancer
    • Associate Professor David Sims – Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Title: An ancestrally inclusive atlas of healthy musculoskeletal tissues to deliver an ancestrally diverse atlas of the adult human musculoskeletal system and develop resources to enable ethical collection and analysis of tissues from historically excluded populations
    • Associate Professor Stephen Twigg – MRC Mouse Network Title - Congenital Anomalies - Patient-led Functional Genomics
    • Associate Professor Stephen Twigg – NIH Title: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Craniosynostosis
    • Associate Professor Stephen Twigg – VTCT Career Development Fellowship
    • Associate Professor David Sims – MRC National Assets Title: X-Net: A UK-wide Cross-Disciplinary Training Network
    • Professor Claus Nerlov – MRC Mouse Network Title: Novel tools for modelling normal and perturbed haematopoiesis
    • Associate Professor James Davies – Lister Institute of Preventative Medicine Prize
    • Associate Professor Bethan Psaila and Professor Adam Mead - UK Industry funding, Alethiomics
    • Dr Alexandre Fagnan – European Haematology Association Junior Research Grant
    • Professor Adam Mead – CRUK Oxford Centre
    • Dr Eleni Louka - Academy of Medical Sciences Starter Grant for Clinical Lecturers
    • Dr Richard Salisbury – British Society for Haematology ESR Start up grant
    • Associate Professor Bethan Psaila – Blood Cancer UK
    • Professor Marella de Bruijn – NC3Rs Studentship

EXTERNAL FUNDING AWARDS TO THE Cardiovascular Medicine Division (CVM)

  • Professor Paul Leeson- MRC Research and Innovation Grant. Title : Cardiac and vascular disease prevention after hypertensive pregnancy: insights from AI-derived, multi-organ, hypertensive disease progression models

EXTERNAL FUNDING AWARDS TO Oxford Centre of Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM)

    • Professor Patrik Rorsman- Helmsley Project (Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay) Title: Alpha cell function in people with type 1 diabetes with and without severe hypoglycaemia
    • Professor David Ray - MRC Research Project Grant Title: BUD23 drives system-wide adaptations to energy metabolism - NIHR Programme Grant Title: Developing and testing an intervention for shiftwork sleep disorder in NHS workers - Bristol Myers Squibb Research Programme Award
    • Professor David Hodson- Diabetes UK Project Grant Title: GC-globulin as a regulator of alpha cell function and glucagon secretion during metabolic stress - ERC Starting Grant Title: Multicellular regulation of insulin secretion from pancreatic islets
    • Dr Quan Zhang- European Foundation of the Study of Diabetes (EFSD) "New Targets for Diabetes or Obesity-related Metabolic Diseases" Title: Metabolic memory of islet delta cells in defective glucagon secretion in recurrent hypoglycaemia
    • Professor Jeremy Tomlinson - MRC Research Grant Title: MICA: Dissecting the Contribution of glucocorticoid metabolism in Mild Autonomous Cortisol Secretion (DC-MACS) - EU Project Step Change Citizen Science Title: Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
    • Dr David Dearlove - BHF Project Grant Title: An investigation into the interaction between polygenic burden for dyslipidaemia and dietary macronutrient composition
    • Dr Rustam Rea - Novo Nordisk Grant Programme Title: A Study of Cardiovascular Events iN Diabetes Plus (ASCEND PLUS) - ABCD National Diabetes & COVID Study
    • Dr Robert Koivula - Novo Nordisk Industrial and Charitable Project Grant
    • Professor Rajesh Thakker - Novo Nordisk Innovate Grant
    • Dr Thomas Hill - Society for Endocrinology Early Career Grant

EXTERNAL FUNDING AWARDS TO THE Investigative Medicine Division (including MRC Human Immunology Unit)

    • Professor Alastair Buchan - Foundation Leducq Title: Leducq Trans-Atlantic Network of Excellence on Circadian Effects in Stroke; Consortium International pour la Recherche Circadienne sur l'AVC (CIRCA)
    • Professor Alexander Drakesmith - Procter & Gamble Singapore Title: Iron supplementation and immune responses to maternal vaccination in pregnant women (IRONMUM)
    • Dr Paul Holloway - Animal Free Research UK Title: Targeting injury in mini-human brain circuits to reveal new insights into stroke   
    • Professor Alison Simmons - MRC Block award MRC Human Immunology Unit
    • Professor Alison Simmons - Heptares Therapeutics Limited Title: Survey of GPCR pathway usage in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
    • Professor Alain Townsend - Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations Title: Mosaic RBD nanoparticles to protect against a new pandemic caused by emergent zoonotic sarbecoviruses
    • Professor Graham Ogg - Reappointed as a NIHR Senior Investigator – NIHR Dermatology CRN Funding

Internal funding awards