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An ideal workshop for postdocs planning to apply for grants in the near future. You will gain a great insight into how to structure a good grant application and what reviewers and review panels are looking for. This workshop forms part of the ‘Career Development’ strand of the RDM Learning and Development Programme.

Please note that spaces are limited to 24 so please register early to secure your place.

Some feedback from previous years includes:

“I found the course really useful and enjoyable and will certainly recommend it to colleagues. The mock panel exercise was extremely insightful in terms of how the review process works and what makes a good proposal ("keep it simple and easy to understand").”

“I have to say that the quality, content and delivery of the course were outstanding and I learnt a lot from it. The part where we role-played as the review committee really helped me to appreciate the sort of things reviewers might look out for. Hope the course will continue to be held, and I certainly would encourage others to attend.”

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