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Genome editing, healthy eating, virtual reality explorations of skull formation: these are just some of RDM research that our scientists will be taking to the public at IF Oxford.

© Martin Phelps
(Photo credit Martin Phelps)

Drop by our stalls throughout the week at IF Oxford Science + Ideas, Oxford's very own science festival. Find out about:

13th Oct (noon till 5, 6.30 till 9)- Oxford Town Hall (Explorazone)

 Cut and Paste- how can genome editing improve human health?

From tackling rare blood diseases to understanding how the body responds to viruses, genome editing is a new frontier in medicine. Explore how researchers at the MRC WIMM are using this new technique to improve human health. [activities include editable DNA molecular and giant scissors, cure the blood marrow cells competition, etc].

Here are some of the researchers who will be there:

Merve Aksoz Sorcha O'Byrne
Priscilla Hirschfeld Sally-Ann Clark
Matt Gosden Rachel Etherington
Janinna Nahler Simona Valletta
Margarida Rei Natalina Elliott
Julie Stevens Abdulkhaliq Alsaadi 


 13th Oct (noon till 5, 6.30 till 9)- Oxford Town Hall (Explorazone)

 VR skulls

Approximately 350 children are born in the UK every year with a condition that makes the bones of the skull fuse prematurely. Talk to our researchers about how they are trying to understand the genetic causes of this disease and how they are using virtual reality (VR)to find out more.

Here are some of the researchers who will be there:

Yan Zhou Nils koelling
Hana Mlcochova Akiko Hashimoto
Maria Neofytou Jia Zhao
Steve Twigg Spencer Tong
Steve Taylor Geoff Maher


 21st Oct (noon till 5)- Oxford Academy (Littlemore Life Lab)

Blood factory

Discover the science of blood by making blood out of slimy beads, hearing your own blood and playing the role of an immune cell!

Here are some of our researchers who will be there:

Merve Aksoz Rassin Lababidi
Avianna Laws Hilal Senqu
Koshika Yadava Christina Rode
Shaza Mohamed Nazish Malik
Niamh Richmond Dannielle Wellington


Fat and sugar – the science behind the hype

Confused about fat and sugar and what you should be eating? Find out the facts about the controversies around fat and sugar, and guess how much fat and sugar are in everyday foods.

Find out more about the Littlemore Life Lab.

Here are some of our researchers who will be there:

Pamela Dyson

Sion Parry