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At the end of a week which had been dedicated all over the world to raising awareness of diabetes and promoting its prevention, OCDEM opened its doors to over 200 members of the public who attended an Open Day showcasing the specialist services provided at the centre by doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals along with world-leading basic research performed by basic and clinical scientists.

A variety of stalls displaying research projects and scientific activities kept the young and the not so young busy during the afternoon.

Our visitors were able to have a go at extracting DNA from strawberries, challenging our scientist with the speed of their islet picking and guessing the amount of sugar in popular beverages and foods.

At 4pm the Lecture Theatre was packed for a talk given by OCDEM’s Professor Fredrik Karpe on the implications of where we store our body fat for our health and risk of developing diabetes.

The event, was widely publicized within the local community through the BBC Oxford, BBC Radio 4 and the Oxford Times, and gave the public the opportunity to ask questions directly to the scientists and clinicians involved in improving patient care, running trials of new treatments, and to see how the results of basicand translational research are adopted into clinical practice.