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A group of people in discussion at a workshop © Rawpixel

How can patients and the public get involved?

Patients and the public can play a very important part in the whole research process. This is something different from just taking part in a clinical trial.

The process of involving patients and the public in research is often called PPI (Patient and Public Involvement). 

Why do we need You?

Patients and the public can contribute their own life experiences to ensure that the research we do addresses issues which affect real people.

A lot of research is funded by public and charitable money and people should have a say

Patient input into the documents and information we produce can make them more easily understandable

Funders are now very keen to see that patients and public have been involved in the research they fund

Who can take part?

You could be a patient with a condtion, a carer, someone with experience in a relevent area or in the communities where the research is taking place. You could have a participants view from having taken part in trials before or have an interest in the area of study. You could be in a different geographical region from where the researchers are and have a better understanding of local communities.