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Principal Investigators and designated members of their team can edit their research group page directly by logging into the site using their single sign-on details.

You can learn more about editing your research group using the guide produced by the web developer. For advice on how to write your research group page, please read our ‘Writing for the Web’ guide.

If you run into difficulties, please contact


How do I update my profile page and research group page?

Once the site goes live you can edit your page via your single-sign on. If you want others in your group to have access to your research group page in order to edit it, email their names to

My team listing isn’t complete

We can only include team members who have submitted profile information. Therefore, once the website goes live, please encourage your teams to get in touch with to get a profile. We recognise that not all staff and students will want a full profile with an image, but if we could have at least a job title and SSO username, that would be very helpful.

Not all of my selected or recent publications are showing

The system synchronises with Symplectic (, so please make sure you have claimed your publications in Symplectic for them to appear on the site. You no longer select your favourite publications in Symplectic for them to appear on your profile and group page. You now do this from your group page or profile page on the website. Please direct any questions to

I don’t have a ‘Recent Publications’ feed on my research group page and would like one

Please email and I’ll add it.

I have a ‘Recent Publications’ feed on my profile page and I don’t want one

Please email and I’ll remove it.

I don’t recognise the image associated with my group page

I have put in a random lab or clinical image where I wasn’t supplied with a ‘science’ image. Please submit an alternative image and I will update this after going live.

My photo on my profile page is too low resolution

If you did not supply us with a high resolution photo for your profile page, we copied over the low resolution photo from your current profile page. Please follow the ‘how to’ instructions that will be disseminated once the site is live, and update your photo.

The text on my profile page is out of date

If you did not supply us with new text for your profile page, then we just copied over what was on your current profile page. Please update the text once the website is live.

How can I change the 'Research Themes' and 'Tools and Technologies' that I belong to?

You can be associated with up to 3 different Research Themes and up to 4 different Tools and Technologies. If you did not select these, we did it on your behalf and made an educated guess. You can easily change them by following the ‘how to’ instructions.


Please send any further questions to