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Media coverage of new publications

The University has a central News & Information Office ( 01865 280528) who work to publicise your research to the local, national and international media. If you are unsure if your publication is suitable for a press release, please contact RDM Communications who will be able to provide advice. It is important that you get in touch at the point when a paper is accepted rather than when it is published.

Filming and photogr​aphy on hospital sites​

If there is going to be any filming or photography on any of the hospital sites,  the Oxford University Hospital media team need to know at least two days in advance, as the senior management team would expect to be informed of any media activity that may impact on the reputation of the organisation (​). ​If your filming/photo involves patients,  the OUH media office  will advise on necessary consent and other permissions. In all instances, please contact RDM Communications so that we can liaise with the hospital and University press teams on your behalf.


While press releases can reach a wide audience if they are picked up by the media, blogs allow you to go into more detail about your research. There are a number of opportunities to write blogs within the University.

The Conversation

The Conversation is an online source of thought-provoking articles written by researchers and academics, across all disciplines, for the public in the UK and globally.