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RDM Weekly Bulletin

The RDM Weekly BulletinWe disseminate a Weekly Bulletin each Thursday to all members of the department. This bulletin contains business critical information, career development and training opportunities, funding announcements, events and more. This is the primary channel through which we communicate in the department, so please ensure you read this Bulletin regularly. If you have content you would like shared with the department, please email

Not receiving the Bulletin? Please email

At the divisional level, you may also receive communications relevant to your specific division or building.


Seminars and EVENTS

All seminars and events taking place in RDM appear on the website.

To keep up to date with events, seminars, talks and workshops taking place across the Medical Sciences Division, sign up to receive a weekly digest of all events. The digest is sent out via email every Friday, listing the events for the following week. To receive the digest, please email (Subject: Subscribe). 

Public Engagement and Outreach Record Form

Please fill in this form to let us know about Public Engagement activities that you have participated in.

If you are part of the MRC WIMM, please access the MRC WIMM form here.