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Dr Jana Koth, a postdoc with Profs Roger Patient (WIMM, RDM) and Paul Riley (DPAG), has won the Mending Broken Hearts prize in this years BHF Reflections of Research Competition for her image of a 2 day old zebrafish heart. The cardiomyocytes are labelled green, meromyosin is red (staining stronger in the ventricle) and myosin is blue. The early heart has started to loop.

Two day old zebrafish heart
This is the front view of a developing two day old zebrafish heart. The green cells are heart muscle cells, and the red and blue staining shows components that make up the muscle. The early heart tube has started to loop. It consists of two sections - the large, thin atrium (where blood flows in) and the smaller, thicker ventricle (where blood leaves the heart).

Shortlisted in the competition was an image of a cardiac fibroblast by Dr Katja Gehmlich (BHF Intermediate Fellow, CVM) and Sina Lenski (visiting masters student from Germany), with the actin cytoskeleton stained in red.

Picture of the actin cytoskeleton stained in red.

The actin cytoskeleton stained in red.

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