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Hannah Cutler


DPhil Student

Exploring patterns of cardiovascular disease development

Research Focus

My research aims to examine temporal patterns of disease progression in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. The aim is to use advanced imaging techniques to identify the pattern of changes that occur in the heart, liver, brain and kidneys during later life. The data that we collect will help us to learn more about why hypertension and cardiovascular disease develop in certain groups of women. Therefore allowing better interventions and therapies to be created that are tailored uniquely towards individuals. 


BSc in Biology with Psychology
MSc in Human Physiology


Cutler, H.R., et al., 2023. Temporal Patterns of Pre- and Post-Natal Target Organ Damage Associated With Hypertensive Pregnancy: A Systematic Review. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

Cutler, H.R., Hodson-Tole, E. 2022. The repeatability of neuromuscular activation strategies recorded in recreationally active individuals during cycling. European Journal Applied Physiology.

Cutler, H.R, 2020. Bursting our understanding of baroreflex control in older adults: Sex differences in the neurovascular mechanisms regulating blood pressure. The Journal of Physiology, 598(22), pp.5009-5010.