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Our latest event took place on Wednesday 14th October and was aimed at sixth form students from across the Oxfordshire area who are considering a career in science, nursing or medicine to come into OCDEM to learn more about the research we do and different medicine/science career options.

Our event took place over two sessions 10.30-12.30 and 1.30-3.30. During this time we welcomed over 40 students and their teachers from 10 different schools across Oxfordshire.

SAF Is Science for me DRL Lab Tour Amanda Bennett

After a welcome introduction the student went on a series of three different lab tours encompassing the islet isolation facility, clinical research unit and diabetes research laboratory.  Each of these tours highlighted a different aspect of research and generated many questions from the students.

SAF Is Science for me Islet Isolation Lab Tour Sarah Cross

The students then spent the next hour touring 12 different stalls on the mezzanine including stalls from:

  • Endocrine Research
  • Podiatry
  • Islet Physiology
  • Adult Diabetes Nurses
  • Dietitians and Metabolic Research
  • Commercialising your Research
  • Diabetes Trail Units

As well as getting to meet representatives from the Oxford BRC, Foundation Trust and both University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes’ Admissions teams.

SAF Is Science for me Dietitians Stall Pam Dyson

Feedback from the students praised our event for providing them the chance to see real life research and to be able to speak to different clinicians and scientists about how they got into their careers. We would like to thank the Society for Endocrinology for funding and everyone involved in creating the tours, manning stalls, providing career stories and offering administrative support for ensuring this event was such a success.

This free event has been kindly funded by the Society for Endocrinology

SAF Is Science for me Endocrine Stall Kate Lines and Laura Gathercole