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We make about 1600 patient contacts a year with those who have, or are at risk of having, an Inherited Cardiac Condition (eg cardiomyopathies and inherited arrhythmias) across all age ranges. We provide cardiology screening (ECG, Echocardiography) and clinical genetics during an initial single clinic visit, and provide telephone and e-mail support throughout the working week. We have made internationally recognised contributions in this area, in particular the use of cardiac MRI in diagnosis, and understanding of the underlying genetic basis of Inherited Cardiac Conditions.

This includes trying to identify new genetic causes of such conditions in families where a genetic cause is possible, but not yet known. We actively recruit patients and families to the 100, 000 Genomes Project

All members of the clinic are members of the Association of Inherited Cardiac Conditions clinic, and participate in the Genomes England Clinical Interpretation Panel (GECIP) for cardiovascular conditions. Prof Watkins contributes to international guidelines on the diagnosis and management of Inherited Cardiac disease.

We work closely with the clinical genetics department and NHS molecular genetics lab, the mitochondrial diseases unit led by Prof Jo Poulton and the paediatric cardiology department.


We offer an integrated outpatient cardiology and genetics service for families affected by inherited cardiac conditions. Children are scanned by the paediatric cardiology team. We have made significant contributions in this area through our world class research activities and long standing commitment to high standard clinical care.



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You might be referred to our service if you, or a relative are thought to have an inherited cardiac condition.

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