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The better understanding of the biological behavior of MEN1 organ manifestations and the in-crease in clinical experience warrant a revision of previously published guidelines. DP-NENs are still the second most common manifestation in MEN1 and, besides NENs of the thymus, remain a leading cause of death. DP-NENs are thus of main interest in the effort to re-evaluate recommendations for their diagnosis and treatment. Especially over the last two years, more clinical experience has documented the follow-up of treated and untreated (natural-course) DP-NENs. It was the aim of the international consortium of experts in endocrinology, genetics, radiology, surgery, gastroenterology and oncology to systematically review the literature and to present a consensus statement based on the highest levels of evidence. Reviewing the literature published over the past decade, the focus was on the diagnosis of F- and NF-DP-NENs within the MEN1 syn-drome in an effort to further standardize and improve treatment and follow-up, as well as to es-tablish a "logbook" for the diagnosis and treatment of DP-NENs. This shall help further reduce complications and improve long-term treatment results in these rare tumors. The following international consensus statement builds upon the previously published guide-lines of 2001 and 2012 and attempts to supplement the recommendations issued by various na-tional and international societies.

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