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Exercise study in CCRF

The Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility (CCRF) is one of the core clinical research facilities of the University of Oxford. CCRF provides a dedicated, staffed clinical research environment with particular expertise in echocardiography, vascular assessment and clinical physiology.

CCRF is managed by the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and housed within the John Radcliffe Hospital adjacent to the clinical patient services of the NHS Oxford Heart Centre. Directed by Professor Paul Leeson, CCRF facilitates high quality, world leading, cardiovascular clinical research. Staff have been embedded within the facility to provide data and IT support, clinical governance, echocardiography and clinical physiology support.

As well as conducting our own research, we provide an environment for researchers to deliver their individual clinical cardiovascular research programmes. CCRF has become integral to the majority of clinical cardiovascular research being performed across University Departments, the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and NIHR Clinical Research Network portfolio. CCRF also provides support through expertise and service provision to the pharmaceutical industry. We now host the clinics for several large local research cohort studies, such as OxVALVE and OxVASC, and we have worked with NHS Cardiology to build a dedicated NIHR-funded research nurse team.

Projects range from multi-centre clinical trials to observational studies. The majority of studies make use of the dedicated, cutting-edge, cardiology technologies available within the facility, focused in four major areas: echocardiography, vascular assessment, exercise physiology and ambulatory/autonomic monitoring.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact CCRF directly here.

Conducting a study at CCRF

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