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Dr Deborah Hay, Dr Ricardo Carnicer, and Professor Marella De Bruijn were all winners at the 2019 University of Oxford Teaching Excellence Awards, which formally acknowledge significant educational achievements, reward individuals who have exceeded expectations in carry out out their duties and support the aspirations of those who want to innovate and enhance our educational provision.  

Departmental awards include:

  • Dr Deborah Hay and Dr Ricardo Carnicer (pictured in the main picture), for their project entitled 'Bench to Classroom: linking researchers with clinical teaching in Laboratory Medicine'
  • Prof Marella De Bruijn, Mr Bryan Adriaanse, Dr Danuta Jeziorska, Mrs Victoire Dejean, Dr Glenn Wells, Dr Paul Brankin, Megan Morys Carter for their project entitled 'Pilot Course in Innovation Strategy for DPhil Students'
  • Dr Deborah Hay was also one of the winners of the 'Excellent Teacher' award. 

Dr Hay is also one of the 2017 winners, at the award ceremony on 23rd October at Merton College, she also gave a lecture on her previous project, entitled 'Better lectures? A trial of in-lecture polling in Laboratory Medicine and Dr Ester Hammond on How to do science – Discussion groups on experimental design and reproducibility.'

Dr Carnicer said ‘We are very grateful to the Medical Sciences Division, because this award will allow us to create additional teaching opportunities for our research staff at RDM, and to promote an understanding of the role of medical research for our clinical students.'

If you're a RDM staff member interested in teaching opportunities and/or in improving your teaching skills, please do get in touch with Dr Carnicer

Many congratulations to all our winners. 

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