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Gs/Gq signaling switch in β cells defines incretin effectiveness in diabetes.

Journal article

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The vascular architecture of the pancreatic islets: A homage to August Krogh.

Journal article

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Release of insulin granules by simultaneous, high-speed correlative SICM-FCM.

Journal article

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A method for the generation of human stem cell-derived alpha cells.

Journal article

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A Variation on the Theme: SGLT2 Inhibition and Glucagon Secretion in Human Islets.

Journal article

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β-cell secretory dysfunction: a key cause of type 2 diabetes.

Journal article

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Somatostatin secretion by Na+-dependent Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release in pancreatic delta-cells.

Journal article

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Loss of ZnT8 function protects against diabetes by enhanced insulin secretion.

Journal article

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Glucose stimulates somatostatin secretion in pancreatic δ-cells by cAMP-dependent intracellular Ca2+ release.

Journal article

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Diabetes causes marked inhibition of mitochondrial metabolism in pancreatic β-cells.

Journal article

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Peripancreatic Adipose Tissue Protects against Ectopic Fat Accumulation in the Liver

Conference paper

Chanclon B. et al, (2019), DIABETES, 68

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