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Glucose Controls Glucagon Secretion by Regulating Fatty Acid Oxidation in Pancreatic α-Cells.

Journal article

Armour SL. et al, (2023), Diabetes, 72, 1446 - 1459

Platelet-derived lipids promote insulin secretion of pancreatic β cells.

Journal article

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History of key regulatory peptide systems and perspectives for future research

Journal article

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Metabolic Messengers: glucagon.

Journal article

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Hindbrain insulin controls feeding behavior.

Journal article

Eerola K. et al, (2022), Mol Metab

Every islet matters: improving the impact of human islet research

Journal article

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Reducing hyperglucagonaemia in type 2 diabetes using low-dose glibenclamide: Results of the LEGEND-A pilot study.

Journal article

Spiliotis II. et al, (2022), Diabetes Obes Metab, 24, 1671 - 1675

Acetyl-CoA-carboxylase 1 (ACC1) plays a critical role in glucagon secretion.

Journal article

Veprik A. et al, (2022), Commun Biol, 5

Heterogenous impairment of α cell function in type 2 diabetes is linked to cell maturation state.

Journal article

Dai X-Q. et al, (2022), Cell Metab, 34, 256 - 268.e5

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