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Azlan Helmy Abd Samat

Clinical Research Fellow and DPhil Student

Dilliram Adhikari

MRI Radiographer

Andrew Apps

Clinical research fellow & DPhil student

Rina Ariga

Visiting Researcher

Per Arvidsson

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Zakariye Ashkir

BHF Clinical Research Training Fellow

Aaron Axford

Postdoctoral Researcher

Gabriela Belsley

DPhil Student

Sarah Birkhoelzer

Cardiology Registrar and Clinical Research Fellow

Matthew Burrage

British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellow & DPhil Student

Ricardo Gonzales

Clarendon Scholar & DPhil Student

Marcin Grzegorczyk

Operations Manager, Oxford Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research ...

Evan Hann

DPhil Student

John Aaron Henry

Academic Foundation Doctor

Daniel H. Ibanez Rodriguez

Postgraduate Research Associate

Sven Jaeschke

DPhil Student

James Kent

DPhil Student

Catherine Krasopoulos

CVM Lead Research Nurse

Hanan Lamlum

Head of Clinical Research Operations and Governance

Elena Lukaschuk

Image Analyst

Masliza Mahmod

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Celeste McCracken

DPhil Student

Rebecca Mills

Lead MRI Radiographer

Chrysovalantou Nikolaidou

Senior Imaging Fellow

Joana Pelado

Senior MRI Radiographer

Stefan Piechnik

Professor of Biomedical Imaging

Iulia Popescu

NIHR Oxford BRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Betty Raman

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Matthew Robson

Visiting Scientist

Christopher Rodgers

Visiting Scientist

Charlotte Rush

BRC Theme Coordinator

Dragana Savic


Marco Spartera


Katharine Thomas

British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Fellow & DPhil student

Petra Troszt

Clinical Research Practitioner

Damian Tyler

Professor of Physiological Metabolism

Ladislav Valkovic

Associate Professor of Metabolic Imaging

William Watson

Visiting Scientist

Konrad Werys

Visiting researcher

Liam Young

DPhil Student

Qiang Zhang

British Heart Foundation CRE Transition Fellow