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Ines Abdesselam

Postdoctoral Researcher

Andrew Apps

Clinical research fellow & DPhil student

Luca Biasiolli

Postdoctoral Researcher

Andrea Borghetto

Senior MRI Radiographer

Matthew Burrage

Clinical Research Fellow & DPhil Student

Carla Cascone

Senior Health Care Assistant

Evan Hann

DPhil Student

Aaron Hess

Postdoctoral Researcher

Moritz Hundertmark

Clinical Research Fellow and DPhil Student

Sven Jaeschke

DPhil Student

Catherine Krasopoulos

Lead Research Nurse

Kathryn Lacey

Operations Manager

Hanan Lamlum

Clinical Research Co-ordinator

Elena Lukaschuk

Image Analyst

Masliza Mahmod

University Research Lecturer

Ahmad Moolla

Novo Nordisk Clinical Research Training Fellow & DPhil Student

Joana Pelado

Senior MRI Radiographer

Mark Peterzan

Clinical Research Fellow & DPhil Student

Stefan Piechnik

Associate Professor of Biomedical Imaging

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