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Maryam Alsharqi

DPhil Student

Lisa Ayers

Postodoctoral Research Fellow

Holger Burchert

DPhil Student

Cameron Dockerill

Clinical Research Assistant

Laura Herdman

Clinical Research Technician

Odaro Huckstep

DPhil Student

Jamie Kitt

Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Cardiology Specialty Registrar

Avianna Laws

Cardiovascular Clinical Research Coordinator

Annabelle McCourt

Clinical Research Assistant

Afifah Mohamed

DPhil Student

Georgina Parsons

Cardiovascular Studies Coordinator

Katja Pfafferott

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

Agnieszka (Aggy) Plachecka

Cardiovascular Research Data Co-ordinator

Rupal Shah

Cardiovascular Research Data Coordinator

Ross Upton

DPhil Student

Catherine Wheatley


Will Woodward

Clinical Research Assistant