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Mark Evans

PhD, BSc (Hons)

OCDEM Business Manager

I am the Business Manager for OCDEM and therefore work closely with our head of division and the administrative team to support all OCDEM activities. 

Day-to-day I manage the OCDEM administration team in our facilitation and delivery of activities such as: 

- Grants

- Teaching & research

- Personnel

- Recruitment

- Facilities

- Health and safety

In my role I also have a responsibility to manage the wider aspects of the Division, including the OCDEM financial accounts, and to support our strategic aims and development. In this way I regularly interact with our colleagues in RDM and the various teams in the wider University.Although my role is mostly managerial I can help with most queries, or at least am likely to know who to speak to. Therefore, if you are at all unsure who to contact please feel free to speak to me in the first instance.

I have worked with the University since 2011 and was originally a post-doctoral researcher, and then laboratory manager, before moving across to RDM as a trainee administrator. During my two-year traineeship I performed many different roles, reflecting the wide range of activities RDM supports. As that post drew to a close, I then moved to take up the role of Business Manager in NDCLS from April 2016. In early 2022, I moved roles to become OCDEM's Business Manager.