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There are large number of resources available to support career and personal development. Here, we outline some of the options open to you during your time in Oxford.

Text about training. © John Cairns

staff and student learning and development

The University provides courses for University and College staff and students. They have excellent developmental programs and provide their services through two strands:

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports all those who teach at the University of Oxford and promote a range of teaching practices that are relevant to Oxford's unique learning environment.

People and Organisational Development (POD) designs, advises on and delivers personal development workshops, programmes and coaching and mentoring schemes for all staff groups, and a range of practical support for leaders and managers.

IT Services

IT Services (formerly called OUCS) offer over 200 classroom based and over 1000 online IT courses that can help you with your studies, research and future careers. A full course catalogue is available. Any IT Learning Programme course can be booked by all current members of Oxford University.

Medical Sciences Skills Training

The Medical Sciences Division offer training to all Graduate Research Students and Research Staff on a wide range of subjects from specific technical skills such as light microscopy through to ethics in international research.

Careers Service

The University Careers Service has courses for research staff and students (searchable through the CareerConnect pages) as well as many other talks and workshops. They also run many different events that can be accessed by exploring their website.

Professional Support Staff

Focus on People is a programme of work to support and develop staff in professional and administrative roles across the University. Focus on People is designed to supplement many of the other schemes and programmes which are listed here (such as apprenticeships, mentoring and coaching).

Mentoring and coaching

In addition to the RDM Mentoring scheme, the university runs a number of additional schemes and you can find the details on the POD website.

Researcher Development

Vitae is dedicated to realising the potential of researchers through transforming their professional and career development and have a range of resources to do this. To get access to these courses you will need to register with Vitae using your Oxford email address. You may also wish to look at the concordat to support researcher development which is available here. The University of Oxford has signed up to the concordat and you can find out more information on the University website.

Public Engagement with Research

The University have produced a hub of public engagement with research resources, including training opportunities

Oxford University Language Centre

The Oxford University Language Centre is the University’s home for all students, academic and professional staff who want to improve their language skills.

Work Learn Develop

University of Oxford Apprenticeships are for new and current members of staff to earn while they learn. The courses cover a wide range of skills that are core to University administration, as well as covering technical and niche areas. All of the courses are accredited and offer professional, job-related qualifications.

Skills Training for DPhil Students

There are a range of training opportunities available for our DPhil students.

Mandated Courses For All

The following online courses are mandatory for all staff:

Mandated Courses By Role