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New toolkit to improve patient and public involvement in health research


Patients and members of the public will be able to more easily take part in research thanks to new tools developed by Birmingham team.

World Cancer Day 2024: Highlighting cancer research at the MRC WIMM

Department General MRC MHU MRC WIMM Research

This World Cancer Day, we heard from four Group Leaders at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine about their work and how their groups are helping in the fight against cancer.

Dr Kirsty Sharplin joins the BTRU team


Dr Sharplin will lead BTRU efforts to accelerate clinical translation of novel cellular therapeutics.

Race to cure type 1 diabetes gets a new boost

Department General OCDEM Research

RDM group awarded £2.55 million for diabetes research.

Live to eat and eat to live longer


New research shows that following the Eatwell Guide recommendations or longevity-associated dietary patterns is likely to improve life expectancy in people with unhealthy or typical dietary patterns in the UK.

How to be a good Chief Investigator: one-day UKCRC CTU Network-supported workshops


Do you know a Chief Investigator who would like a refresher on how to interact with a clinical trials unit (CTU)? Or one who is about to work with you and wants to get up to speed? Or perhaps someone initially considering working with a CTU?

AI tool could help thousands avoid fatal heart attacks

AMIIC CVM Department General Publication Research

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that can predict 10-year risk of deadly heart attacks, could transform treatment for patients who undergo CT scans to investigate chest pain, according to British Heart Foundation (BHF)-funded research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia.

Heart attack risk decreased in new mothers by self-monitoring blood pressure at home

CCRF CVM Department General Publication Research

Self-monitoring blood pressure after giving birth could help to cut new mothers’ risk of future heart disease and strokes, according to new research by Oxford researchers.

Professor David Sims receives Major Educator Award

Awards Department MRC WIMM

Associate Professor David Sims has received the Major Educator Award as part of the 2023 Medical Sciences Division Teaching Excellence Awards.

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