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Congratulations to Professor Leanne Hodson, Associate Professor of Diabetes and Metabolism, who has been awarded the prestigious Cuthbertson Award from the Nutrition Society. The Cuthbertson Award has been awarded annually since 1990 as a tribute Sir David Cuthbertson. It is awarded to scientists for excellence in Clinical Nutrition and/or Metabolism research providing an evidence base for clinical practice.

Leanne HodsonLeanne will deliver the Sir David Cuthbertson lecture at the Nutrition Society Winter Conference on 5 December. She is a BHF Senior Basic Science Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism. Her research focuses on alterations in metabolism with nutritional state and substrates, along with the associated metabolic consequences of obesity.

 Sir David Cuthbertson was a renowned Biochemist, most known for his landmark studies on the metabolic response to accidental injury.

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